The Ohio Latino Affairs Commission presents its First Virtual Latino Summit Uniting in Health, Education, and Business.

About this Event

The Ohio Latino Affairs Commission will host its Annual Latino Summit on Friday, November 13th from 9:00 am-5:00 pm. The 2020 Ohio Latino Affairs Summit will incorporate innovative and relevant practices for Latinos and Latino serving organizations, leaders, and advocates. The Summit will increase our ability to empower leaders and organizations through tracks focusing on Health, Education, and Business. There will be sixteen different break-out sessions to select from with formats ranging from panel discussions, lectures, and interactive sessions lead by notable experts from throughout the State of Ohio.

Traditionally, the Latino Affairs Commission hosts two major summits a year, the Latino Health and Latino Education Summits. However, in 2020 adaptability and a need to respond to our new reality has challenged our team to adapt and create a more responsive and collaborative virtual event. The 2020 Ohio Latino Affairs Summit will bring the public face to face with expert professionals who are immersed in providing services, creating, and implementing policy, and engaging the Latino/Hispanic community in Ohio.

The 2020 Ohio Latino Affairs Summit will include three tracks in Health, Education, and Business. The Health track will focus on the broad impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted health access, equity, and the overall wellbeing of Latino community in Ohio. Other health related topics such Diabetes, Health and Vascular Health will also be discussed. The Education track will address challenges and opportunities faced by teachers, students, and families during the pandemic and how this has affected learning and engagement. Critical information about virtual learning, how to stay connected, the needs of English Limited Students will be discussed. Finally, the Business Track will guide entrepreneurs on how to function in this new environment, including insight on how to pivot your business model, get your business online and take advantage of SBA, Cares Act and loan opportunities plus the tax reporting requirements and more.

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