Del Pueblo Programs

This tutoring and mentoring program connects local college and high school students with Spanish-speaking elementary, junior high and high school students in the Springfield and Tecumseh School districts, Catholic Central High School, the Springfield Academy of Excellence, and other private institutions.The program also provides mentor ship for students to encourage them to pursue future careers.

La Conexion
This bilingual information and referral service connects our Spanish speaking clients to services and resources in the community.
We also assist clients during office hours translating documents from English to Spanish, and providing interpretation on site for immigration, education, and health services purpose.

Education and Outreach

Our Board Members participate actively doing presentations in conferences, workshops, and informal gatherings in Spanish or English to broaden awareness on issues that affect Spanish speaking immigrants in the community. Our board members also belong to other non-profit organization boards such as: LULAC, Project Women, The Rocking Horse Center, The Springfield Minority Chamber of Commerce, and Think Tank

Hispanic Outreach Program at Springfield City Schools

With the partnership of Clark State Community College, Springfield City Schools and Del Pueblo, Inc expertise with the Hispanic/Latino community, the Hispanic Outreach Program at Springfield City Schools was established since 2011.